PSA: Marvel’s Avengers Is Just $4 Before Its Imminent Digital Delisting

The clock is ticking for Marvel’s Avengers as it will be digitally discontinued after September 30. While the end is approaching for the Marvel live-service game, you can acquire a copy of its definitive edition right now from the digital marketplaces that host it, for as low as $4. That’s approximately the wholesale cost of the violet trousers that can barely contain the gamma-irradiated thighs of the Incredible Hulk after a slight display of strength.

For that price, you will receive a substantial amount of content, along with a rather impressive single-player campaign mode. Essentially a narrative mode that recounts the ascent of Miss Marvel while providing ample opportunity for Marvel heavyweights like Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and the Hulk to shine, the Avengers campaign is an enjoyable adventure through significant moments where you pummel your way through the robotic hordes, mercenaries, and renegade scientists on the Advanced Idea Mechanics payroll.

“Avengers feels like two distinct games fused together, and although they don’t always synchronize, both segments are connected by profound, intelligent combat spread across diverse heroes,” Phil Hornshaw expressed in GameSpot’s Marvel’s Avengers review in 2020. Following its release, Crystal Dynamics expanded its Avengers game with Hawkeye and Black Panther expansions, while additional characters such as Spider-Man, Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor, and the Winter Soldier were subsequently included.

With the definitive edition, you will also receive an abundance of DLC and cosmetics equivalent to a SHIELD Helicarrier’s worth–which would have originally cost you significantly more–allowing you to dress Earth’s mightiest heroes in attire inspired by their cinematic and comic book counterparts. While the digital version is facing the Thanos Snap of delisting at the end of the month, physical copies of Marvel’s Avengers can still be easily found. GameStop is currently running a promotion offering copies for as little as $5.

In January, Crystal Dynamics initially announced that it would be discontinuing support for Marvel’s Avengers, and its final significant update was implemented in March. The Marketplace was unlocked in that update, making nearly all outfits, emotes, takedowns, and nameplates accessible to all players, removing shipments and Hero Challenge cards, converting all credits, and introducing numerous bug fixes, combat enhancements, and other gameplay modifications. These alterations injected a greater sense of power into the core of the game, allowing each Avenger to feel like an unstoppable force of nature rather than being hindered by the live-service elements.

While Marvel’s Avengers is bidding farewell, there are other games set in the Marvel multiverse on the horizon. Insomniac will release Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on October 20, and a Wolverine game is currently in development. Additionally, EA is working on an Iron Man game, and a Captain America and Black Panther video game is being developed under the leadership of Amy Hennig, the director of the Uncharted series, at Skydance Media.

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