Raid: Shadow Legends – Heroes and Co

Raid: Shadow Legends – Heroes and Company

Raid: Shadow Legends is a game that is extremely honest with the player. Promises a multitude of heroes to collect, multiple factions, epic battles, creating your team and competing with other players. He also mentions the nice visuals, based on high quality character models. So it delivers exactly that, no more and no less. Is it bad? On the contrary.

Raid: Shadow Legends


Raid: Shadow Legends is a very interesting proposal from a not necessarily interesting category of games. The popular “clickable” productions have simply become boring for many players, and while they continue to draw a lot of interest, this doesn’t necessarily translate into the actual quality of the title. It is different with the discussed Shadow Legends, because here they decided to diversify the known schemes and solutions in an interesting way. The game begins with an epic clash between several heroes and a dragon. The heroes… lose them miserably, and the player can choose one of them. He will be brought to life and become the first playable character. All that’s left is to create a basic squad and head off to the first battles.


Collecting heroes is an important and very enjoyable element of the gameplay. It could be compared to the card system from any other production, although here we are dealing with actual characters. They create our team and fight in quests or arenas. After each such battle, it’s worth taking a look at our character screen, where we can put on newly acquired items or upgrade those we already have. The statistics screen itself is not overwhelming with its volume, and customizing your brave heroes is an extremely satisfying element.

The collector’s item itself also has another purpose besides providing fun in discovering new characters. Each of them has its own use, such as attack or defense. While at first you can manage without paying attention to these factors, as the game progresses, the proper selection of team members becomes an indispensable element. We are also talking about equipping them with appropriate items, adapted to the style of their fight.

Raid: Shadow Legends


Our base of operations is a town of sorts with a few points of interest. There is a tavern (where you can increase the level of our characters), or a portal. At the beginning we don’t have access to them, so it’s worth going to the title ”raid”. While battles of this type have a predetermined pattern (divided into 3 waves of enemies to defeat), the whole thing is enriched with a kind of story, divided into chapters. This is a nice diversification, introducing something not necessarily obvious in this type of game. Of course, it’s not a story to match the masterpieces in the books, but it’s nice to take a break from the whirlwind of combat. It is also worth mentioning that the story cards themselves are illustrated in a very atmospheric way, just like the map of subsequent chapters.

Raid: Shadow Legends


It would be extremely boring if players were given only one kind of fun, right? That’s what the developers thought and made sure to add variety to our adventures in Raid: Shadow Legends. Multiplayer game nowadays has to meet a number of requirements, and one of them is certainly clashes with other players. That’s why we have the possibility to fight battles in PvP arenas, where we can face other daredevils and fight for valuable prizes. These battles can be even more difficult than many of the bosses, so the rewards can be valuable as well. One should also remember about eternal respect from the fallen. The boss fight mode has also been taken care of and can be very exciting.

Raid: Shadow Legends


Raid: Shadow Legends

For a free online game, Raid: Shadow Legends looks really nice and decent. Graphics in the game can boast not only high resolution and well-designed models, but also a beautifully consistent image of the world, interface and all the boards appearing on the screen. It is not too candy-colored, but it is not too mundane either. It’s a really cleverly presented fantasy world, as if taken out of the pages of an interesting novel. Heroes’ models also deserve praise. Despite the fact that there are 300 players, there is no mass element, everyone has their own special characters and carefully designed models.

However, not all elements are so colorful. The micropayment model, which seems to be very intrusive in this production and as the game progresses it becomes more and more necessary to have fun and progress during the game. You can understand such a business model in the case of a free online game, but pop-ups encouraging to purchase begin to bore and annoy quickly.

Raid: Shadow Legends itself is a game worth recommending. There is a lot of room here for both fans of the genre and casual players who just want to occasionally click around. Both players will find a lot of fun in it. This is helped by an addictive system of collecting heroes, as well as a battle system that allows new players to quickly understand the mechanics that govern it. There is also something I pay special attention to in this type of games, namely – the interface and its usefulness. Here it is made neatly, clearly and logically. Not glaring, everything can be found and it is not easy to get lost in it. So give Raid: Shadow Legends a chance – it’s an interesting proposition no matter how much time you want to spend on it.


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