TERA – A beautiful world straight from Korea

TERA – A beautiful world straight from Korea

At a time when the MMORPG market is dominated by World of Warcraft, and other productions are trying to more or less imitate it, there appear games that games that from this point on are at our mercy. Such is TERA, a beautiful child of Korean Bluehole Studio, which re able to surprise, although taking a closer look, you can see some similarities to the Californian production. But is it worth to reach for the benefits of Arborea and explore all its secrets?


TERA: Rising

The first element that The game looks very clear and explains to us its assumptions and rules hat makes Tera different from other productions is the world in which e travel through. As it turns out, two continents, which e will visit during the game, the backs of two sleeping titans. The game has a beautiful, peaceful circle country. So there will be no shortage of polar storms, terrain The world created by Arun and Shara is full of horns (literally) The world created by Arun and his team.

The world created by Arun and Shara is inhabited by a whole range of e have a variety of races to choose from. In the game we choose our hero, who will soon emerge. And here Bluehole deserves a thunderous applause. In the game there are 7 th The most important In terms of appearance and skills of the races. We can find here such classics as humans or high elves, but that’s actually the end of the similarities to other productions. The game world is also inhabited by m.in. referring to the dark elves In Castanic, which that have grown horns (literally!), Amani resembling human-like dragons or Baraka, a powerful race of giant mystics .

However, it is worth mentioning separately the other races, which The first element of TERA’s gameplay is its appearance, which is quite a surprise. The first one is popori, which are reminiscent of round. plush. Cats, raccoons, panda bears and dogs. The second unusual race is the Elin, a rather controversial looking scantily clad little girl with animal ears growing out of her top mainly. How not to Beware, TERA is one of those rare games in which e will not see the ubiquitous orcs. And well! You can see that the Korean team did not take the easy way out by blindly copying races from other titles. In the game we can find a large number of options for character creation. From ready-made images The most important factors that influence these duels are such details as eye span, jaw width, etc.


Our character can represent one of up to 12 classes, where in addition to the classic warrior in, archer or the mage In TER you will also find a berserker , shooter in or. ninja. Noteworthy is also the fact that some The classes are available only for selected races and genders, while for example. We can create a Reaper only when we have a character at level 40.



Let’s face it. Graphics in this game is a real masterpiece. Bluehole relied on the proven Unreal Engine 3 and ripped out everything possible from it. The effects can be seen at first glance on Arborea, which is breathtaking. Zar Both the environment and the characters and monsters have been done with great attention to detail and the preservation of their specific character. Sometimes I just happened to stop somewhere to admire the beauty of the world of Tera.

The beauty of the game is also in the effects of attack or abilities. In addition, above-average character animations make every fight a real spectacle and show acrobatic abilities. Blows, arrows, spells and bullets look insane. Sounds look no worse. Zar Both the environment and the sounds of battle are made at a really high level. Nothing is as pleasant to the ear as the cannonade of three shooters In dungeons fighting hordes of enemy creatures.


TERA Rising MMORPG game

Each race and each class is played differently, even if they are The differences are small. However, the thing that most affects these The difference is the design of the battles themselves. In unlike e.g. Star Wars: The Old Republic, each of our attacks and abilities must be measured independently. That’s why TERA is all about ell dexterity, speed and a good eye. This gives the game a really large dose of dynamism.

Traversing dungeons together with others, where every attack and every well-aimed ability is worth its weight in gold, gives great satisfaction and is a truly unique spectacle. Such a solution makes the game compared to others is a kind of revolution. We will no longer press the same keys with boredom.

Each battle is different, demanding, even more so if the opponent is a boss. These creatures, although frequent, their appearance and characteristics They grow so much that killing more is not a routine. What’s interesting, the bosses are not just locked in dungeons or in places set by the story. Some They freely roam our beautiful land. If we have enough guts (and a powerful cannon or other tool of destruction) we can try to pr I can kill the monster alone, or gather some friends and support I can’t charge.



Unfortunately, even such a beautiful and original game is not without its elements computer, which The game may not be to the liking of players. The first thing that strikes you is the lack of Polish localization. Admittedly, many games have been translated only into the most popular and fashionable languages, but it would be nice to play in our native one.

Another example can be the requirements of the game. Unfortunately, something for something. If you want to enjoy the full beauty of the game, you must have a fairly powerful computer. However, if we have a few thousand in our sock, this expense will certainly give us pleasure, once we can fully immerse ourselves in the world created by Arun and Shara.

Another disadvantage is the fact that players can challenge each other on so called. duels (1v1 duels) with almost everyone, regardless of level. I myself fell victim to such a game, when at level 10 I was challenged by a player who ry despite playing the same class as me, i.e. shooter, put me down with a single shot. Such duels are not pleasant for us, and I suspect that they are not too satisfying for the initiator.


So is it worth to reach for Bluehole’s production? As much as. The game captivates at almost every turn and is able to attract even picky players. I myself got caught up in the syndrome “one more quest”. On the one hand, we have a truly original world, great freedom in creating our virtual avatar and exciting fights, on the other hand we have beautiful graphics, which are very interesting pleases the eye at every step and sound, he sound is pleasant to listen to.

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